RICHMOND, Va. – On Tuesday, November 21st, Senator Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax City) introduced his 2018 consumer protection legislation to restore electric bill refunds.

In 2015, the General Assembly passed, and the Governor signed SB 1349, which banned rate review of electric monopolies, and prohibited refunds for electric consumers. Petersen’s bill reverses SB 1349.

Petersen’s bill, SB 9, has broad bipartisan support in the Senate. The bill can be viewed here:

Senators David Suetterlein (R-Roanoke County), Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield), and Jennifer Wexton (D-Loudoun) will sign on as chief co-patrons of the legislation, bringing bipartisan and geographic support.

Sen. Suetterlein: “‪Gov. McAuliffe acknowledged that the rate freeze was wrong last session but refused to help overturn the bill he signed in 2015. I’ve always opposed the freeze and am looking forward to ensuring that the SCC reviews electric rates and that Virginia’s families and businesses receive refunds when they are overcharged.‬”

Sen. Chase: “Reliable, efficient, and affordable energy is essential for small businesses and families in Virginia. As a co-founder of the Transparency Caucus, I think it’s important that energy costs are transparent for the consumer. Restoring electric bill refunds for consumers is an important measure the General Assembly should adopt in 2018.”

Sen. Wexton: “I opposed the rate-freeze bill in 2015 because the Commonwealth shouldn’t be serving as Dominion’s accomplice as it picks Virginians’ pockets. I’m proud to continue this fight and I’m ready to bring back refunds in 2018.”

Sen. Petersen: “Banning refunds was wrong in 2015. And its still wrong. Virginia consumers deserve a refund, and repealing SB 1349 will put money in the pockets of every Virginian who uses electricity.”