By Laura Vozzella and Ovetta Wiggins

Maryland can claim a first on Saturday, when it stands ready to pay Planned Parenthood clinics for their services if Congress defunds the organization.

Next door in Virginia, the day will bring good news for ticket scalpers and people with unpaid court fines, but bad tidings for university boards that want to jack up tuition while no one is looking.

A slew of new laws are coming to both states, some consequential, some quirky, all united by their July 1 effective date.

State-funded colleges and universities planning to increase tuition will not be able to do so in the dark of night, under a law meant to boost transparency in higher education. Proposed by Sen. J. Chapman “Chap” Petersen (D-Fairfax), the measure requires university governing boards to provide 30 days’ notice to students and the public before boosting undergraduate tuition or mandatory fees. The notice must include a projected range for the increase, a rationale for it, and the date and location for the vote.

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