RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia’s largest regulated electricity monopoly says it overcharged some of its customers for years by not properly reading their meters, but isn’t sure how far back the problem may go.

Dominion Energy recently filed a motion with the State Corporation Commission saying it may have overcharged 24,000 small to mid-sized commercial customers between 2013 and 2016 because Dominion’s meter readers were not resetting meters each month to track peak demand. Commercial customers are charged monthly, based on a combination of how much electricity they use and their highest demand for electricity, and some meters need to be physically reset.

State Sen. Chap Petersen, a frequent Dominion critic, said the overcharging “goes to show” the need for greater consumer protections in Virginia. He recently unveiled plans for legislation to create a type of ombudsman to represent Dominion customers.

Dominion serves the eastern two-thirds of Virginia, where its rates, natural gas pipeline plans and outsized political influence have been frequent talking points in Virginia’s closely watched gubernatorial race.

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