Petersen State Sentinel: Stayin’ Alive in the Senate [REMINDER: Town Hall Saturday]

Reminder: Town Hall this Saturday, 9:00 a.m. at Fairfax City Hall

Dear Friends, Virginians and Citizens of Fairfax:

We must be living in the Seventies, because the Petersen legislative lineup is “Stayin’ Alive” in Richmond.

In the short session, things move quickly down. You’ve got to have the right people and the right motions to make sure your bill doesn’t get killed.

So far my bill lineup has largely survived.

Overdose prevention? Alive, and moved on to the House. Campaign finance reform? Gently killed in subcommittee. Homeowners’ Bill of Rights? Alive, and sailed through the chamber without a no vote. Now off in the House. License plate reader reform? Alive, and headed to a full committee vote.

Not bad for an election year.

The big name bills that dominated last session are nowhere to be found in the short session. The East Sea has been named, Medicaid Expansion is not happening, and the biannual budget has already passed.

So legislators are taking time to work on some smaller issues.

Sen. Garrett is trying to legalize the all fireworks.

Sen. Barker has a bill to let beer tour guides drink while they tour.

And Sen. Lewis is trying to ban pet monkeys. Persuade me.

You’ll hear about it all these issues (and more) at our Town Hall meeting this Saturday in Fairfax City or next Saturday in Vienna. Hope you can make it.

JCP Notes: We’re still in session – while we’re here, contact my office in Richmond at 804-698-7534 or at
I’m still writing away at Please chime in with your comments or follow us on Facebook for all session updates.

Let us know how we can represent you better.

– Chap

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RICHMOND, Va. – Sen. Chap Petersen’s Homeowners’ Bill of Rights is one step closer to becoming law. Today the bill passed the Senate unanimously.

The bill, SB 1008, codifies a series of protections for homeowners that live in a home owners’ association (HOA) or condominium associations.

The Homeowners’ Bill of Rights consists of five provisions –

1. The right to inspect all books and records –
2. The right to cast a vote on any matter requiring a vote –
3. The right to have notice of all meetings and to record the meetings –
4. The right to have notice of any proceeding conducted against the owner and to have the right of due process –
5. The right to serve in elected office if duly elected –

Statement of Senator Petersen:

“To quote James Madison, ‘the advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.’ The Homeowners’ Bill of Rights codifies protections for homeowners in a clear and direct manner. Homeowners can use these protections to protect themselves from overzealous HOA and condo associations.”

Statement of Flora Nicholas, Fairfax County Resident:

“I’m delighted that the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights has been passed into law by the Virginia Senate and I’d like to thank Senator Chap Petersen for drafting the bill and working so hard to ensure its passage. Thanks to this law, Virginians will now be able to hold HOAs like ours accountable for their oppressive and abusive actions.”


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Virginia Senate Debates Party Registration: Sens. Petersen, Obenshain, and others: 1/28/15

Virginia Senate Debates Party Registration: Sens. Petersen, Obenshain, and others: 1/29/15 from Chap Petersen on Vimeo.

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